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24/7 Response for Flood Damage Restoration in White Bear Lake, MN

Flooding can be a serious issue for residents and business owners in the White Bear Lake, MN, area. A flood can cause contamination, mold, broken pipes, and structural damage. If not addressed, a flood can cause cascading damage and be even more expensive to fix. Many people who experience flooding may not know whom to call or what steps to take after such disasters strike. For your flood damage restoration in the White Bear Lake, MN, area, look no farther than Northwest ServiceMaster.


Flooding can drive mud, sewage, and dirt into your home or business that don’t wash away when the floodwaters subside. Such debris can be dangerous due to the unknown germs and contaminants carried in it. This danger is especially true when dealing with sewage, which can create a biohazard and make your home unlivable and your workplace unsafe.


Another danger of flooding is the growth of mold in many visible as well as hidden places in your structure. Mold can grow on furniture, carpeting, and walls, leading to dangerous spores being released into the air. These spores can contaminate the air, and worse, can be inhaled by individuals, possibly causing respiratory issues, and perhaps, even anaphylactic symptoms. When Northwest ServiceMaster arrives on the scene, we check for mold in all possible places, including carpeting, furniture, and walls.


Internal pipes can also be a significant source of water damage, whether they caused the flood or are damaged during the event, because they can increase the amount of water damage that occurs. When a pipe breaks, it can flood a room or possibly an entire floor of a home or business. This type of disaster can introduce sewage and other contaminants into the building and create a hazardous situation for all occupants.


Structural damage is yet another consequence of flooding. Flooding can soak the wall frames and studs, leading to rotting, which then leaves the structure vulnerable to decay. This decay can cause later disintegration of the wall structure, which in turn, can cause irreparable damage to a home or business.


Our team at Northwest ServiceMaster handles these situations with professionalism. We take specific steps to ensure that your home or business is dried and safe for occupancy by residents or employees.


Once we arrive at your home or business with flood damage, our first step is to evaluate the extent of the water damage. We locate the places that the water has impacted, and then we determine what type of flooding caused the damage, whether it is sewage, rainwater, or broken water pipes. This step is crucial for our team to create an effective plan for the flood damage restoration.


Our next step is the water removal/extraction process, which is completed using powerful pumps and vacuums to help remove as much water as possible. We do this as quickly as possible to try to prevent further damage to your property. This step is then followed by drying and dehumidification, a process during which more specialized equipment is used to remove water that is harder to access. Finally, we clean and sanitize the property in order to restore your business or home back to its pre-disaster state.


No matter the size of the flooding you experience, you can trust our team of professionals here at Northwest ServiceMaster for all your flood damage restoration needs in White Bear Lake, MN.