Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

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Disasters Can Happen Anytime, which is Why We Offer 24-Hour Emergency Service

If you could plan for a disaster, what time might you choose for it to happen? Chances are, you’d pick Monday through Friday, somewhere between 9 to 5. Fact is, calamities in Shoreview, Minnesota or anywhere else in the metro area follow no time schedule. It’s anyone’s guess when a disaster will happen, and that’s why it’s great to have resources and a friend you can turn to if you should suddenly need 24-hour emergency service.

Northwest ServiceMaster understands that a call for help could come at any hour. With 55-years and counting in residential and commercial cleanup, along with disaster restoration services, we’re one family-owned business who knows a thing or two because we’ve seen quite a few disasters over the years.

Quality Customer Service

Great customer satisfaction starts with how a business handles that first call. We would never let you wait until the next business day if you find yourself needing 24-hour emergency service. It’s why we’re ready to take your call at (651) 644-3531 at any hour of the day or night, on any day of the year. If you’d prefer to email, you can also contact us with a few clicks from our portal located right on our web page.

You’ll find an understanding person from Northwest ServiceMaster on the other end of the phone or computer. Someone who will listen to the issue you’re dealing with and help you make some decisions about next steps. Is it a leak from a broken pipe? Has a fire just happened? These are both instances where waiting for a nice, comfortable hour the next day to begin working on some serious damage may be far too late.

Quick Assistance When You Need It Most

 We’re here to partner with you, no matter the time of day or night, to take the required steps to ensure no further damage is done. We’ll quickly create a plan of action and begin the process of cleanup and restoration to efficiently and thoroughly remediate the disaster.

Allow us to meet or exceed your expectations. If you live in Shoreview, MN or many of the other fine Twin Cities communities we serve, call our 24-hour emergency service at (651)-644-3531. You can also visit our website to learn about our time saving services which will help you with everything from commercial cleaning to dealing with the aftermath of a disaster. You’ll quickly discover why we’re your local pros who proudly say “Cleaning is our business, so let us perform this hard work for you!” Give Northwest ServiceMaster a call today!