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After the Fire: What to do Before Fire Damage Restoration in Oakdale, MN

When a fire takes place in your home, it can be devastating. You may lose personal belongings as well as have to face the destruction of certain portions of your home. With professional fire damage restoration in Oakdale, MN, your home can be restored to its former state. What should you do before we arrive? Below are a few tips to ensure your home is ready for our service options.

After the Fire

When the flames have been put out, you’ll need to limit your activity and foot traffic within the home. Stay off of the carpeting and furniture to prevent any soot or dirt as well as other particles from becoming trapped in areas of your home. If you must move around the home, be sure to lay down clean sheets or towels on the floor and furniture to avoid any issues.


If you can, change out any air filters in the home to keep soot and/or dirt from circulating in the air. This will help to keep the air clean from any further contamination after the fire and prepare your home for our fire damage restoration services in Oakdale, MN.


Avoid washing any walls or trying to clean the carpeting as this can negatively impact our cleaning processes. While you think you may be helping, you could actually be causing permanent damage. Avoid cleaning any kitchen appliances as well. Such appliances may have wiring or electrical connection damage that could result in major issues if not cleaned in a correct manner.


It’s also important to avoid eating any food that may have been contaminated by the smoke and fire in your home. This can be a health hazard.

Finding Fire Damage Restoration Help

By following these tips, you can ensure your Oakdale, MN home is ready for our fire damage restoration services. When a fire occurs, contact our office immediately to schedule services. With our help, your property will be restored in no time and livable once again. Contact our office at (651) 644-3531 today to learn more.