Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

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“Amazing!” “Just like new!” Upholstery Cleaning in Woodbury, MN

Amazing!” and “Just like new!” are comments we frequently hear after our teams finish an upholstery cleaning job. Upholstery cleaning is certainly cheaper than buying new furniture, and less time-consuming than having all your furniture reupholstered. And the great thing about our upholstery cleaning services, besides the time and money you are going to save, is that your satisfaction is going to be guaranteed, and you too will be saying “Amazing!” and “Just like new!”

Every single one of us has that favorite place in our house that we like to sit and relax, that familiar and reliable comfy chair or the inviting couch that is perfect for a Sunday afternoon nap. It is as if these inanimate pieces of furniture sometimes become an extension of ourselves. More often than not, the creature comforts that we look forward to at the end of the day are our favorite chair or the soft cushions of our couch.

Over time, these creature comforts require some detailed upholstery cleaning and care since sometimes accidents happen, like when you spill your Sunday bowl of chili during game time excitement or exasperation while watching our Minnesota Vikings. You can quickly wipe away that chili stain and turn over the seat cushion, but eventually the chili smell is going to catch up with you and everyone else in the house.

Furniture that is cleaned, deodorized, and looking like new will put a smile on your face even when the Vikings do not!

Our upholstery cleaning services are an effective and efficient alternative to purchasing new furniture. When your friends come over for the big game and ask, “Hey, did you get some new furniture? It looks and smells great in here!” You can smile and say, “No, we didn’t, but isn’t it amazing? We had all our upholstery cleaned by Northwest ServiceMaster out of Woodbury, MN.”

Our IICRC certified professionals have been providing local, experienced, and guaranteed upholstery cleaning services to Woodbury, MN, and the greater Twin Cities for the past 54 years. Contact us online or call now at (651) 644-3531 to give your favorite chair and couch a freshening facelift today.