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Are Your Carpets in Roseville, MN, Looking Beat and Worn Down Like a Path through the Woods?

The Best Residential Carpet Cleaning Services in Roseville, MN

One of the reasons many of us love having our home floors covered with lush carpet is how it feels under our bare feet. We bet you’re smiling even now just thinking about that warm soft feeling underneath your soles that seems to say, “You’re home.”  Or, perhaps, after a quick look down at your current carpet situation, maybe your smile is more of fond memory?


Refresh your memory and your carpets with the best residential carpet cleaning services in Roseville, MN. We’ve been in the residential carpet cleaning business since 1966, which means 54 years of being Roseville’s most trusted name in the professional carpet cleaning business.


A local Roseville, MN, client of ours told us that she loved being the “neighborhood house.” You know that one house where all the neighborhood children hang out? That was her house. This client had a downstairs recreation room with sliding glass doors that led out to a patio and pool. The rec room floor had some fantastically thick shag carpet that all the kids loved laying on when they were hanging out watching movies. This thick shag carpet also had a well-worn trail that led from the sliding glass doors to a well-stocked refrigerator behind the mini-bar.


One afternoon one of the neighborhood moms came over to pick up her child and say “Hello.” The visiting mom casually said to our client, and really meaning no harm, “I love that all the kids hang out here. It’s comforting knowing they’re together and safe. Oh, look, they’ve beaten down a trail straight to the refrigerator!” Our client, the homeowner, simply had not noticed that a portion of her thick shag carpet had become worn and beaten down like a path through the woods. After all, she had been walking this path herself. She was not horrified or mortified; she knew what to do. She called us at Northwest ServiceMaster, the most trusted residential carpet cleaners in Roseville, MN.


Call us today at our Roseville, MN, office at (651)644-3531 and one of our experienced staff will give you a detailed description of our residential carpet cleaning services.