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Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Could be Key to Welcoming Back Workers

How confident do you feel about coming back to the office in the age of COVID-19? It’s a question many workers in St. Paul, Minnesota may be asking themselves as more and more employers encourage vaccinations and the return of remote workers. In many cases it will likely be a slow transition back, but there could be less anxiety with some additional precautions, and one of them is commercial carpet cleaning.

Proper Carpet Cleaning During the COVID Crisis

One thing that can directly affect the air quality in your business environment is the carpeting. Dirt, pollen, and just about anything else can find itself caught in those fibers. Anyone who has to work around a dirty rug knows when there’s something slightly off—whether it’s a dull, dingy appearance, foul odors, or even an allergic reaction.

At Northwest ServiceMaster, we know what a pick-me-up a quality carpet cleaning can be under normal work conditions. We also know that, for many businesses, proper carpet cleaning during this COVID crisis can prove to be a bit more challenging. When carpets are cleaned by trained and experienced professionals, your customers and workers will feel safer and protected.

How Often Should Commercial Carpets be Professionally Cleaned?

A professional cleaning of your carpets at least twice a year is vital to your business’s appearance and environment. Our technicians are trained in all the latest cleaning and stain-removal techniques. They’ll make sure your floor coverings are completely cleaned, guaranteeing the carpeting looks great and supports a healthier environment.

From commercial carpet cleaning to window cleaning and hard-surface floor cleaning, we’re here to help your business or office get on the right schedule to keep things running smoothly and avoid any additional fear created by worry over the virus.

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