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A Couch Cleaning Intervention: Upholstery Cleaning in Roseville, MN

 While chairs are nice, couches rule! Everybody loves a comfy couch to stretch out on after a long day of work or during a peaceful day off. Couches achieve such high furniture status mostly because of napping habits. Indeed, naps and couches rule!


The problem is that, over time, a comfortable couch for contentment and rest can take on a look and a smell of its own. Usually, the primary couch lounger is the least aware of the smelly elephant in the room. That’s when it is time for a couch cleaning intervention.


Couches take the brunt of sedentary traffic in a busy family home. Children bouncing on it, dogs and cats shedding on it, and drinks spilling on it. And when you pull out the couch’s cushions, it’s not exactly a long-lost treasure trove of hidden gems. Nope—just a million grains of crumbs, hairballs, missing socks, and musty Swamp Monster smell so pungent that your eyes water.


Now is the time to call Roseville, MN’s best upholstery cleaners and furniture restoration professionals. Northwest ServiceMaster in Roseville, MN, has been providing couch cleaning interventions since 1966. We guarantee your living room Swamp Monster will no longer be a big scary smell of embarrassment, and will once again be clean and ready for those precious sacred naps and downtime.


When our teams arrive, they’ll quickly determine the particular fabric of your couch, any significant stains and their origin, and any needed repairs. At, that point, they will know which cleaning agents and tools are specifically needed for your upholstery cleaning. Then the intervention begins:


  • The couch is thorough vacuumed by a high-powered professional grade machine.
  • Our experts then disinfect the couch and start spot removal preparation.
  • The next step, odor removal, is the one where everyone in the house suddenly realizes that they were losing their sense of smell. The Swamp Monster is evaporated, and, oh, how sweet the new smell!
  • We don’t leave your home until we’ve made sure your couch is structurally sound, restored, and ready to be the ruler of naps once again.


The couch cleaning intervention is now completed. And don’t worry if you don’t want to drink your merlot from a sippy cup. If you happen to have a few beverage spills down the road, you’ll know whom to call. We’re here for you 24/7/365.


Call us today at (651) 644-3631 for your couch cleaning intervention and all your upholstery cleaning needs and questions.