Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

Learn How ServiceMaster Can Help You With COVID-19 Response

Covid-19 and the Deep Clean in Shoreview, MN

The other day we had a client who was talking about Covid-19.


“Somedays,” he said, “I wish I were an ostrich, and I could just stick my head in the sand.”


We get it. We certainly can empathize how any one of us might feel the same way on any given day. Since the onset of Covid-19 we’ve all had days where we’d rather not deal with the onslaught of daily coronavirus-related news. The year 2020 will never be forgotten.


At Northwest ServiceMaster in Shoreview, MN, despite the reality of our uncertain times, we’re purposed and intent on moving forward with hopeful, positive attitudes and a sound game plan. We remain committed to helping our neighborhoods and communities by doing what we do best, and that is deep cleaning. We’ve been deep cleaning the homes and business of our neighbors in Shoreview, MN and the greater Twin Cities area since 1966.


If you’re a business owner, you can’t pretend to be an ostrich and go stick your head in the sand. Your livelihood and the livelihood of your employees depends on the decisions you make now, today. The most important questions all of us are faced with today are “What can I do?” and “How can I keep my family and customers safe?” Whether we like it or not, Covid-19 is a reality we must collectively come together and mitigate in our businesses and communities.


We feel the best decisions that we can make today as a locally owned company in your community is to consistently follow the medical guidelines we have been given – good personal hygiene, wear a mask, and social distancing. We also realize that not every individual is going to be compliant with these guidelines, which is why we believe a sound business practice is to regularly schedule a complete and thorough deep cleaning for your home and business.


At Northwest ServiceMaster in Shoreview, MN, we’re doing everything possible to practice and maintain consistent deep cleaning practices ourselves so we can continue to partner with our communities in providing safe, virus-free homes and business until the era of Covid-19 passes.


Our professional cleaning technicians are regularly updated with new practices and products, especially during these unpredictable days. You can be sure that when our teams arrive at your front door, they’re up-to-date with the latest Covid-19 news and protocols. We’re networked with other ServiceMaster professionals across the country and all of us are working together, discussing, learning, and strategizing so our collective efforts can help turn the tide of this global pandemic.


We’re working strong. We’re working hard. We’re working smart. We’re working healthy so you can too.


Please call our Shoreview, MN offices today at (651) 644-3531 to find out how our deep cleaning services can best serve you and your business during the era of Covid-19. We’re available 24/7/365 to meet any and every cleaning need your business may require.