Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

Learn How ServiceMaster Can Help You With COVID-19 Response

Deep Cleaning and Remaining Diligent in Woodbury, Minnesota

Our collective battle against the COVID-19 virus remains diligent, as the daily infection numbers provided by Johns Hopkins University and Medical Center in Baltimore, MD would suggest we all do. You can find daily tracking numbers from Johns Hopkins at


As we all learn to navigate the days ahead with new social restrictions and challenges, we’re also in the days of opportunities for fresh starts, new beginnings, and clean slates. Could there ever be a better time, reason, or metaphor for a deep clean?


What is a Deep Cleaning? 

Some might think that deep cleaning is merely domestic cleaning on steroids. It’s not. Our deep cleaning services go beyond the detailing and disinfecting of corners and crevices. For Northwest ServiceMaster, there’s no such thing as a “too hard to reach” place or a surface that can’t be deep cleaned and restored.


Every line of your kitchen counter backsplash grout can be cleaned to pristine. The wet, moldy wood under your kitchen or bathroom sink? We can replace the wood and then clean and sanitize every surface to protect you from any mold irritants and infestations.


And that greasy collection of ‘who knows what’ that you know is accumulating behind your stove? We’ll pull out the stove, clean away the greasy residue, neutralize any potential fire threats, place the stove back, and put a new shine and functionality to your oven hood and fan.


Does your office furniture have a noticeable odor hovering over it? We can provide your entire office suite with a disinfecting deep cleaning overhaul from floor to ceiling. This includes carpet and hardwood floor cleaning, air vents, all the miniscule dirt and debris clogging up your window frames and sliding doors, hard-to-reach ceilings and acoustic tiles, and every piece of furniture, regardless of its upholstery, will be deep cleaned so it looks and smells as fresh as new!


A true deep cleaning and disinfecting requires more than a few extra hours of elbow grease and determination. What’s required is the proper equipment, an inventory of specific cleaning agents and solutions, and an informed, trained team of practiced cleaning professionals.


Our technicians can clearly define what needs to be done and communicate what measures will be taken to complete the job so you can rest and breathe easy knowing that your house or office looks, feels, and smells fresh, sanitized, and revitalized.


Please call us at (651) 644-3531 with any questions you may have regarding our deep cleaning services or to schedule your team of ServiceMaster professionals today. Our offices are open 24/7/365, proudly serving Woodbury, MN and the greater Twin Cities area since 1966.