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Discovery of Mold: Learn How Mold Remediation in Woodbury, MN Can Help

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to discover an issue in their dwelling while cleaning up. Many homes can have issues such as mold that are not seen until the home undergoes a deep clean. When you find that your home is affected by mold, you need professional help. With a mold remediation team in Woodbury, MN handling the issue, you’ll find that the mold is removed in no time, providing you with a healthy home once again!


Urgent Issue

When mold is found in the home, the process of remediation is urgent. In a moist environment indoors, mold can grow in just 48 hours. Moisture can enter the home due to flooding, a leak, broken plumbing pipes, or even humidity. When you have mold in the home, your allergies can be affected as well as other health issues created.

With mold remediation, your home is cleaned, helping to remove the contamination. Mold requires moisture to grow, so once all the moisture is removed from the space, the mold can no longer thrive.

Mold is a problem in the home for several reasons. It emits a musty odor that doesn’t smell good. It will decay and digest the surface it is found on, which can mean structural integrity issues within your home. When humans are exposed to mold, it can create an allergic reaction or other health problems.



Once the mold has been found in the home, drying the space is not enough. The mold will need to be removed from the home. The process is known as mold remediation. The goal is to remedy or cure your Woodbury, MN home of the mold problem. The extent of the issue in the home will dictate just how the mold remediation will be approached.

There are several types of mold that can be present in the home with the most dangerous being black mold. If you’re inexperienced with mold types, be sure to contact our team of professionals for assistance. We can review your mold issue, determine the problem, and take quick action to remove the mold from your home.


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