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The Importance of Fire Damage Restoration

For homeowners affected by fire damage in the Shoreview, MN, area, the loss of home and belongings can be devastating. Your first call should be to your insurance company and then you can find a company to begin fire damage restoration in your home. The restoration process is vital to saving your belongings and bringing your life back to a more normal state as quickly as possible.


As part of their work, restoration companies save as many of your belongings as possible. They also document every item that is removed from your home using photos and written records. After restoration is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, they return to your home any furniture or other items they were able to save. Last, these companies stay in touch once the work is completed. They maintain contact with you to ensure the work was done to your satisfaction and to help with any additional problems that arise before the issues become more significant.


Be sure that the company you hire properly ventilates your home during the fire damage restoration process to help remove any soot or ash left in the air. If left in the air, this ash or soot can cause severe lung damage, and even cancer, due to the carcinogens contained in such fire residue. Another important task that these companies perform is scrubbing all the surfaces in your home to help remove any soot that has stained an object. They will also laundry all bedding, curtains, clothing, and other washable items to help remove any debris that could be on them.


The last task in fire damage restoration is to address smoke damage, which is fairly conspicuous because it can discolor walls, ceilings, and other areas of your home. Soot damage can also hide in places that will cause additional damage much later than the visible spots. Such hidden damage can be dangerous because smoke can linger in HVAC units, leading to damage of the unit itself as well as spreading smoke particles in the air, which are then breathed in by individuals in your home.


The aspects of fire damage restoration just discussed are important and need to be addressed by any company that is hired to restore your home. For homeowners in the Shoreview, MN, area who have suffered from fire damage and are in need of a restoration company, give Northwest ServiceMaster a call at (651) 644-3531. We strive to return your home to a like-new state, and help you and your loved ones recover after a fire disaster.