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Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

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Make your Tile Smile: Tile Cleaning in Shoreview, MN

Maybe it’s a Saturday morning, and you’re standing in your kitchen looking down at your tile flooring, not at all enthused with the prospect of cleaning it. You pause, have another sip of coffee, look over at the tile kitchen backsplash, and determine that this too has seen better days.

It’s not that you have neglected cleaning your tile kitchen floor or backsplash. You have swept and mopped with the best of them. You have gone to the local box store and loaded up on tile and grout cleaners, rubber gloves, and you even spent the extra cash on some padded knee guards for the five hours you had to spend on your hands and knees trying to clean the tile and grout that you certainly paid good money for. Maybe, while you’re standing in your kitchen sighing to yourself, looking once again at the dirty grout, you’re wondering where your padded knee guards might be—maybe in the upstairs hall closet.

We at Northwest ServiceMaster have a better idea: Call us at (651) 644-3531.

Grout is an incredibly porous material that collects every miniscule pebble of dirt that your broom, brush, or mop missed. The grout eventually absorbs whatever lands on it, until it becomes just lines of dirt and grime framing the elaborate design pattern of your tiled floor or backsplash. Tile cleaning is really nothing without grout cleaning. And proper grout and tile cleaning require a specialized pressure washer and vacuum. Powerful enough to simultaneously lift those millions of grains of embedded dirt, clean the grout, and then suction it all away in one powerful swoosh. It is a lot like being at the dentist office, but without the guilt of not flossing your teeth for the last six months.

Tile flooring can make or break a room, so professional tile cleaning makes all the difference in the world.

The IICRC certified experts at Northwest ServiceMaster have been providing local, experienced, and guaranteed tile cleaning services to Shoreview, MN, and the greater Twin Cities for the past 54 years. Contact us online or call us now at (651) 644-3531, and we’ll make your tile smile.