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Disaster Restoration in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN, one half of the two cities that makes up the Twin Cities in Minnesota, is a large city, bisected by the Mississippi River, and full of culture and fun activities. The residents of Minneapolis enjoy the area’s parks and plethora of outdoor facilities, but they are also very aware of the damage the Minnesota seasons can cause to their homes and buildings. With the Mississippi in their backyard and lots of lakes in the surrounding area, residents of this great city understand spring flooding from thawing snow is a possibility ever year.

Not only can Minneapolis residents face flooding, fire, and storm damage each year, they also can incur damage while hosting parties and family get-togethers. Residential and commercial cleaning is just as important as disaster restoration in maintaining the beauty of buildings and the health of people in this city. But while people may be impacted by a disaster, they don’t need to manage it on their own.

Northwest ServiceMaster can help people in the Minneapolis area with all their disaster restoration as well as their residential and commercial cleaning needs. The technicians of Northwest ServiceMaster work hard to keep up on all the latest cleaning and disaster restoration tools and techniques. They pride themselves on knowing when to use which tools and techniques to ensure your home or business isn’t damaged further and looks its best—plus to ensure everyone stays healthy.

Almost every surface of your home or business comes into contact with a person at any given time, and staying up to date with all the latest cleaning solutions offering the best results without causing damage can be a full-time job. Using a professional service for your cleaning needs means you can be sure the right solutions will be used to get your home or business completely cleaned without causing damage. Since the experts at Northwest ServiceMaster have the latest restoration and cleaning information, your home is in the best hands possible.

When your home or business is hit with a flood, fire, or Minnesota summer storm, the cleanup can be overwhelming. Flood damage can result in mold or mildew growth if the damage isn’t repaired quickly. Fire damage can lead to secondary damage caused by the sludge created from the soot and fire extinguishing agent. And the mighty summer storms that roll through Minnesota can result in damage from debris and fallen trees. Northwest ServiceMaster can help those in the Minneapolis area with all their disaster restoration needs. We make sure the job is done right and done quickly so the disaster isn’t much more than a temporary inconvenience.

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