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Minnesota Winters Are Prime Seasons for House Fires and Fire Damage

The winter months of December and January are the most dangerous months during which home fires ignite.


If a winter fireplace is stoked a bit too much and the sparks fly onto your shag carpet, you are going to need fire damage restoration.


When during the holiday’s busy season you forget to water your Christmas tree, and the sparkling lights short-out and turn your Christmas tree into a Roman candle, you are going to need fire damage restoration.


When home fires occur, it is imperative that you immediately call fire damage restoration professionals. When we say “immediately,” we mean it, which is why our fire damage restoration services, along with all our other assistances, are available 24/7/365 by calling (651) 644-3531.


Winters in Shoreview, MN, can be picture-postcard perfect on those pristine winter wonderland days. Other days, however, can be downright brutal. After all, the town signs read: “Welcome to Shoreview, Minnesota”; they do not read: “Welcome to Shoreview, Florida.” We all know Minnesota winters can be an endurance test, and yet we survive. We slap each other on the back with pride, knowing we have once again conquered the frozen beast known as a Minnesota winter. The wintery mix brings it all—the beautiful scenery, the winter games, the bitter cold. However, winter also brings potential danger, which is why our team at Northwest ServiceMaster highly encourages you to be careful and cautious during the winter months.


Our fire damage restoration professionals in Shoreview, MN, are trained, equipped, and available when you need us most. Just give us a call at (651) 644-6531,


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