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“Is That New Furniture?” Upholstery Cleaning in Fridley, MN

As time passes, many of us would enjoy a bit of a home make-over, or at least, have one of our rooms or offices undergo a furniture facelift or redesign. Who hasn’t enjoyed a glass or two of a California cabernet while watching HGTV on a Saturday night and then accidentally spilled some of the dark red wine on the furniture?


While home make-overs and room redesigns can be a bit expensive, they are one way to brighten and freshen up a room. Another way to achieve these effects, and considerably less expensive, is having all your upholstery cleaned. Freshly cleaned upholstery is like getting a great haircut. People you know stop to look at you, smile, and say, “I don’t know what it is, but something is different about you. And it’s a good look!.” This same reaction often occurs when your friends, family, or clients walk into a room in which all the upholstery has been cleaned.  It creates a “wow factor” at the fraction of the cost of a room redesign. And creating the “wow factor” through upholstery cleaning in Fridley, MN, is our specialty.


Beyond “Wow”

Besides having that new look and smell beyond the “wow factor,” upholstery cleaning is good protection of your investments. Chairs, couches, drapes, and rugs are not cheap, and professionally cleaned upholstery revitalizes, deodorizes, restores, disinfects, and protects your furniture. Whether you have a family heirloom chair or a new microfiber futon, our team of technicians is warehoused with both the proper cleaning product and equipment for all your upholstery cleaning facelifts.


Leather, wool, rayon, polyester, olefin, cotton, silk, linen, acrylic, acetate, velvet, and tweed—  we can clean all your upholstery.


Have you ever repaired the smoke damage or cleaned the cigar smell out of velvet or tweed curtains and draperies? Not many people have because the procedure takes training, equipment, and experience. We at Northwest ServiceMaster have all three of these requirements.



Couches collect coffee stains; chairs can, after time, smell like, well, they can just smell. Spillage and time, or the combination of the two, can make your upholstery look older than it is and not very enjoyable to sit on. Who wants to steal away for a quick Sunday afternoon nap on a dirty, smelly couch? Besides, perhaps, your teenagers, no one wants to sleep on a couch that is dirty and smelly. But trust us, as soon as your teenagers crash on the couch that has been professionally cleaned, they will quickly exclaim, “Wow! This couch smells different. It smells good!”


After your couch has been cleaned, we suggest you get your naps in as soon as you can—before your teenagers get to the great smelling couch first!


We are scheduling upholstery cleaning and creating “wow factors” in Fridley, MN, now. Please give us at Northwest ServiceMaster a call today at (651) 644-3531.