Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

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House Cleaning Services and Car Detailing Services in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN

House Cleaning

Housekeeping—including upholstery, window, and floor cleaning—from top to bottom can be a lot of work and take a lot of time. Instead of cleaning, you could be spending time with your kids or doing something fun and exciting. So, rather than cleaning yourself, let Northwest ServiceMaster help with all your residential cleaning needs.

Keeping your home dirt-free is important to maintain the health of your family and friends as well as to protect your investment. The carpet and upholstery in your home acts as a filter, capturing everything that floats in the air. Much of what you cook or do in your home can result in smells that eventually sink into your carpet and upholstery. In addition to these smells, dust, dirt, and grime can also sink to the bottom of the carpet fibers and get trapped. Most vacuums and off-the-shelf carpet cleaners don’t get down deep enough into the carpet to ensure that anything stuck in the bottom fibers is removed. Using a professional carpet cleaning service makes sure that no dust, dirt, or grime is left behind.

Car Detailing

While you spend a lot of time in your home, you also spend a lot of time in your car. Your car takes you to and from work and is entrusted with you and your family’s safety. It’s subjected to the dirt and grime from the road as well as the dirt and grime from people getting in and out of it. However, cleaning your car both inside and out can be more work than you want to take on. Car detailing requires time, diligence, and the right products, and all of this most likely doesn’t fit into your busy lifestyle. Northwest ServiceMaster can help to make sure your car is clean from the inside to the outside. Our technicians shampoo the upholstery and floor to remove any smells and stains, which will make the car’s interior look and smell amazing. They clean all the windows—both inside and out—making visibility better and driving safer. Northwest ServiceMaster technicians also clean the exterior of your car, including its wheels and rims. After our car detailing, your car will shine and look like new.

Our job at Northwest ServiceMaster is to make sure you home is clean and safe for everyone inside. Our technicians are thorough, professional, and courteous, and they won’t sign off until you’re satisfied. Northwest ServiceMaster has been helping people in the St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN, area with all their house cleaning needs for the last 45 years. Call us at (651) 644-3531 today and let us help you keep your home and car clean and looking like new.

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Contact Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert today for a cleaning consultation. If you have suffered from a disaster, call us immediately for our emergency services. Our staff is available 24/7/365 to answer your call. Call us today at 651-644-3531.


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