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Fire Damage Restoration: Restoring More than Value and Function in Oakdale, MN

Once a fire starts, it moves quickly and without prejudice, consuming everything within its path in a mere matter of moments. Fire burns everything and anything, taking with it material objects of value and function, and inanimate objects that contain a lifetime of memories. Fire damage restoration first begins with understanding both the immediacy of a response and knowing that our fire damage restoration company will often restore more than value and function.


Our fire damage restoration professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing you with an immediate fire damage restoration team as soon as the fire trucks leave. Fire moves quickly, and in the heat of the moment, most people simply do not realize that fire damage restoration efforts need to begin just as quickly. Smoke damage can be equally as devastating, and expensive. Smoke can permanently damage glass (including your windows), ceramics, and porcelain with in the first 36 hours after the fire has been extinguished. The longer compromised electrical casings are left unrepaired, the more likely they are to be later overlooked and potentially the cause of another fire.


Fire damage restoration begins with immediate availability, and we are immediately available. Indeed, our offices in Oakdale, MN, and the greater Twin Cities are available now at (651) 644-3531.


Our team will begin with a quick, thorough, and practiced evaluation of the fire damage, identifying objects of high value, function, and personal regard. From that point, multiple teams will set off in practiced succession, first creating a safe and structurally sound environment and finishing with the minute detailing that only an experienced restoration expert can bring.


  • Water Damage Mitigation – The Oakdale, MN, Fire Department is impressive and it can sometimes leave a tremendous amount of water when saving lives and conquering a fire. Fortunately, our truck-mounted power equipment is equally impressive for how it can extract water. We will get all the water out of your structure! We will then check for structural and electrical damage, followed by implementing a hand-held moisture detector to help us locate any problem areas that might still be showing even the slightest level of dampness. Restoration often means prevention as well, so we aim for everything to be dry so you will not have any future mold problems.
  • Structural Restoration – After the water is removed, we begin to rebuild, restore, and secure any structural damage and potential electrical issues.
  • Soot and Ash Removal – The longer soot or ash sets, the more it stains. On the first call, our fire damage restoration teams come fully loaded, including with the specialized equipment to properly remove soot and ash.
  • Smoke and Odor Mitigation – We previously mentioned the quickness of smoke damage to material objects. However, equally as damaging, is smoke from a house or business fire, which is comprised of all sorts of incredibly dangerous toxins. If the smoke and its odor are not eradicated expediently, they can be quite harmful to anyone exposed to them.
  • Detailing – Here is where an experienced hand can restore not only value and function to your possessions, but also can bring memories back to life.


We have been proudly offering fire damage restoration in Oakdale, MN, and the entire Twin Cities metro area since 1966. Call us today; we are available around the clock all year long at (651) 644-3531.