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Summer Mold Allergies in St. Paul, MN

Summer is the worst time for all sorts of allergies, especially those brought on by the top two; pollen and insects. But there is a third type of allergy mentioned in most assessments of summer sneezing: an allergy to mold. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology says June, July, and August can be just as bad as spring and fall for people who are exposed to mold or mold spores. Summer thunderstorms or long rainfalls bring plenty of moisture and hike up the humidity both indoors and out. It’s the indoors where we can help. If your house is overly humid, you’ve probably got mold starting its long march to your nose from your basement or crawlspace or even your bathrooms. Northwest ServiceMaster can get the mold out of your home in St. Paul, Roseville, Arden Hills, Oakdale and surrounding Minnesota communities with our mold removal and mold remediation services.

The allergists we mentioned say you may have a mold allergy if you have dark circles under your eyes, a tired and droopy appearance, a crease across the bridge of your nose, or if you find yourself breathing through your mouth. This is in addition to the usual sneezes, runny nose, and watery eyes. Mold allergies really can’t be cured, but symptoms can be controlled with medications. The rest is a matter of preventing exposure, and that means removing mold and mold spores from your home or workplace. If you smell mildew or a musty odor, that’s enough of an indication to raise suspicion. If you smell mold or see it, don’t hesitate to contact us. What you are able to notice is invariably a fraction of what is behind the walls, on the wood or reverse side of the wallboard, or on top of the ceiling tile. We will remove or neutralize the mold, repair or replace anything that cannot be repaired, and take steps to ensure mold does not return. We are experts in stopping all kinds of excess moisture.

For the best approach to mold removal, mold damage repair or mold remediation, call Northwest ServiceMaster today for your home in St. Paul, Woodbury, White Bear Lake, Shoreview, or nearby areas.