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Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

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Tile That Will Make You Smile: Tile Cleaning in Fridley, MN

We at Northwest ServiceMaster understand tiled floors are outstanding with various advantages. These floors are durable; you can pattern the tiles to your own personal mosaic design, and when their clean tiles shine, your house guests and family will notice and compliment you. So, you think you want to undertake a DYI tile cleaning? Boy, oh, boy, does that sound fun or what?

DYI projects can be a source of personal pride and accomplishment, and we commend all those brave souls who venture out on their own tile-cleaning adventures.

For your DIY tile cleaning journey, you are going to need two different buckets: one for cleaning and one for rinsing. You’ll need to change out the water in your cleaning and rinse buckets frequently. This is because it’s really easy to leave behind a filmy residue, and that defeats the entire purpose of the DIY tile cleaning. Also, if your rinse water is not clean, all you end up doing is pushing dirty water into your grout, which is super porous. Grout readily takes on the color of dull gray.

Along with two buckets, you will need two different style mops: one for the heavy cleaning and one to bring out the shine of your clean tiles. You’ll need to make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, but be careful with the vinegar as it can turn into a stripping agent if not used properly. Stains require a variation of this mixture and will need to set overnight. But isn’t that part of the challenge and adventure? Oh, you are also going to need some knee pads as you will spend hours on your hands and knees bent and hunched over cleaning your tiles and grout. We understand that pool noodles work well as knee pads.

Speaking of grout, this is where tile cleaning becomes time-consuming, hence the hours hunched over on your hands and knees on a pool noodle. You are going to need at least a dozen tooth brushes to clean through the grout. Grout is another amazing product; it is porous, and strong, yet weak. This means, if you get impatient using a toothbrush and look for something firmer like a steel brush, you will end up creating furrows between your tiles. But doesn’t cleaning your tile floors with a toothbrush sound fun? Yeah, we thought so…

Let’s Stop the DIY Tile Cleaning Right Here

If you need tile cleaning in Fridley, MN, we have a much better suggestion that does not require toothbrushes or pool noodles, and saves your back and knees. Don’t risk discoloring your tiles. Instead, forgo the frustration and call us at (651) 644-3631. Northwest ServiceMaster is locally owned and operated and has been cleaning tile floors since 1966.

We have high-powered, state-of-the-art machinery specifically for tile cleaning. And, no, this does not include electric toothbrushes. We also have the cleaning products specifically designed for your tile flooring and your particular stains. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and expertise. When you schedule your tile cleaning, the job will be done right, done promptly, on time as scheduled, and you will still have use of your back and knees for the following week.

Tile cleaning is an arduous task that comes with the risk of perhaps ruining your expensive tile flooring. We have a much better solution—call us today.

We are currently scheduling tile cleaning in Fridley, MN, at (651) 644-3631.