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Untreated Smoke Danger: Learn How Fire Damage Restoration in Oakdale, MN, Can Help

When a fire occurs in your home, your personal property can be severely damaged. The amount of overall damage to your home depends on how quickly the fire is extinguished. For many homeowners, their property may be restored, but the full process of restoration is not always provided. For example, if smoke remains untreated, it can create an issue in your home over time. With our quality fire damage restoration in Oakdale, MN, nothing goes untreated, so you can return to and live in a safe and healthy home.

Also, when the process of treating a fire-damaged home is avoided for some time, the odor becomes more persistent. The smoke smell is harder to neutralize when an extended period of time has passed. If you wait to hire professional fire damage restoration services for your Oakdale, MN, home, you can cause more damage then you might expect. Plus, the process of restoring your home can take longer and cost more money as a result.


What many homeowners are unaware of is an element of corrosion when a fire occurs. Smoke and ash can mix together to create a corrosive element. If the damage isn’t cleaned quickly, this substance will start to go to work on your walls, ceilings, floors, and other surface areas.

A regular cleaning will not remove this corrosive substance. Instead, it takes specific chemicals that our fire damage restoration experts can safely use in your Oakdale, MN, home. With our help, the corrosive substance is removed and the damage to your home is contained.

It’s also important to focus on soot deposits. As smoke builds during a fire, it creates soot, which can be challenging to clean up. When soot is not treated quickly, it can easily transfer from one area of your home to another, leading to an even bigger mess. Overall, it is recommended that your home be treated as quickly as possible to avoid further damage and contamination.

If your home has been affected by a fire, rely on our expert team to provide the essential fire damage restoration services needed for your situation. Give us a call today at (651) 644-3531 for immediate assistance!