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How Upholstery Cleaning Can Breathe New Life into Your Old Gray Chair in Fridley, MN

It’s April, which means spring has finally sprung in Fridley, MN! The ice is off the lake, a few migratory birds have returned outside, singing in the warming air, and you’ll soon be planting your garden. Speaking of being outside, what a pleasure it is because in the spring, everything looks and smells so fresh. However, while everything may look and smell fresh outside, that’s not inherently the case inside. You walk into your home when your nose picks up an odor.


After your nose is rudely awakened from your springtime walk, you typically make time for the traditional spring cleaning, intending to remove the offensive smell. You dust every corner of your house, take out and beat your rugs, and polish your floors until they shine—everything once again looks great. Feeling good about it all, you head outside to enjoy the fresh, clean-smelling spring air, stop and talk to a few budding tulips, and return home, where you are once again knocked over with an old, stale, musty smell.


After considerable searching through your house for this intrusive odor that does not belong in your home, you sit down in your favorite old gray chair. Ahhh . . . the comfort of this old friend, a little worn-looking, but holding its own. And, wait—what? There’s that smell! Oh, no! The offensive smell is coming from your favorite old gray chair! And on further investigation, the smell just isn’t in your chair; it is emanating from your entire living room suite! Your chair, your ottoman, your couch, your love seat, and even your upholstery drapes smell like they have been sitting at the bottom of a laundry hamper!


Thank goodness for the freshness of spring, eh? In Fridley, MN, we get all the seasons as well as all the smells that come with them. We’re an outdoor people, which means eventually we bring all those smells back into our respective houses and these smells set right down into our furniture, collecting, building, and spreading until eventually we’re bowled over by the funky smell. Odors can collect on materials such as clothing and upholstery. We can tell who smokes cigarettes just by the smell of their clothes. This same detection can be made with the upholstery covering your furniture.


Upholstery cleaning is what you need, and upholstery cleaning is what we at Northwest ServiceMaster provide.


Our upholstery cleaning services will totally restore all of your upholstery—both furniture and drapes. When your mother-in-law comes for a visit, she’s going to think that you have all new furniture. “Oh, my, what have you done?” She’ll exclaim, “It all looks so lovely, and your home smells so fresh!” We know that might be a bit of hyperbole, but the imaginary compliment isn’t too far off the mark. Our customers have shared their experiences, letting us know that our upholstery cleaning went above and beyond their expectations.


Please call our office in Fridley, MN, for your upholstery cleaning consultation today at (651) 644-3531.