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Water 101: Educate Yourself by Learning More About Water Damage Restoration in White Bear Lake, MN

When you become a homeowner, you quickly learn that It’s a great deal of upkeep to stay on top of when it comes to the home. From regular repairs to major damage, your home requires a lot of work. One type of damage a home can face is from water. It’s not uncommon for water to damage the home, yet most homeowners have no idea of the type of damage water can cause as well as what can help with restoration. With the right know-how and water damage restoration service in White Bear Lake, MN, your home can be restored in no time.


Categories of Water Damage

In the home, there are three basic categories of water damage; none to low, medium to high, and high to unsanitary. None to low would be water that enters the home from a faucet leak, water supply line, or from rainwater. Medium to high is water that comes from areas such as a washing machine or toilet bowl overflow that can contain chemicals or microorganisms. This is when the issue becomes more harmful to those in the home.

The most harmful category would be high to unsanitary. This category of water likely has disease-causing agents or toxin-producing materials and can cause illness or death. This type of damage can come from sewage issues or flooding. No matter the category type, when your home is affected, water damage restoration in White Bear Lake, MN will help.


Restoring the Home

With professional water damage assistance, the home will be reviewed for damage. The professional water damage restoration expert will walk through your White Bear Lake, MN home and determine the category level of damage. Once determined, a course of action will be configured.

Any standing water will be removed from the home and a drying process started to ensure no moisture remains. When you have moisture in the home, you run the risk of mold and mildew damage. By removing all water and excessive moisture, the home is truly restored.


When your home is affected by water damage, give our experts a call at (651) 644-3531.