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Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

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We’re Ready to Handle Water Damage Restoration Worries of a Different Nature in White Bear Lake, MN

If only water worries were limited to the aqua level of places like White Bear Lake, MN, located in a Twin Cities suburb. At last check, the lake’s level was down at least a foot over the previous year. Blame it on the area’s persistent drought. Blame it on homeowner watering habits. At least the lake level probably won’t be creating any trouble that might require any water damage restoration.


Northwest ServiceMaster knows that’s small consolation if you’re a home or business owner and staring down the aftermath of a burst pipe or maybe a sudden downpour that turned into a flooding problem. Unlike the slow-motion problems created by drought and some other moisture issues, flooding is an immediate threat to not only your property, but the health of anyone who has to be around the soggy mess.

Health Concerns

This health concern is one of the reasons why we’re ready to take your call no matter when water damage might occur. Our technicians can be wherever you need us within a matter of hours. We’ll take a good look at what’s threatening your home and health, possibly becoming an even greater headache, then create a restoration plan and get to work on removing what’s wet.


Your ServiceMaster pros use the latest tools and techniques to ensure all moisture is fully removed. Then we keep close tabs on the humidity and drying process. We want to ensure everything is completely dried. By being thorough from the start, we can help you avoid additional problems like mold and mildew growth.


Your Northwest ServiceMaster technicians are specially trained in identifying mold or mildew, and know exactly what steps need to be taken to avoid further water damage. Our goal is to return your home or business to its original state. Our water damage restoration is so thorough, you won’t have to worry about future health problems.

Water Damage Restoration

In addition to taking care of your water damage restoration issues, Northwest ServiceMaster also alleviates another form of stress: We promise to take care of your insurance claims and forms. Along with knowing what to do with excess moisture, we can help you complete the many forms typically required by insurance companies. We’ll make sure each form is correctly completed and processed.

Allow us to meet or exceed your expectations. Call our 24-hour emergency service at (651) 644-3531, if you live in White Bear Lake, MN, or in many of the other fine Twin Cities communities we serve. Visit our website to learn about our list of time-saving services that will help you with everything from water damage restoration to commercial cleaning. You’ll quickly discover why we’re your local pros who proudly say, “Cleaning is our business, so let us perform this hard work for you,” Give Northwest ServiceMaster a call today.