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Northwest ServiceMaster by Andert

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Maybe You Have Noticed That It’s Time to Clean Your Carpets. From “Yikes!” To “Yes!” Residential Carpet Cleaning in Oakdale, MN

From stay-at-home” orders to social distancing guidelines due to Covid-19, a lot of Minnesotans have spent more time in their homes. But people are not hosting dinner parties; kids are not running constantly in and out of the front and back door, and then all through the house; instead, life has slowed down. During these downtimes, you may have taken up a new hobby, planted a bigger spring garden, or read a few new books. Or, maybe you just sat down in your favorite chair for a long-needed “breather” to just look out the window. Suddenly, in the quiet and lack of commotion, you notice that your carpets are absolutely filthy! You ask: When did that happen? How come I have never noticed? Yikes! Time to get my carpets cleaned!


Now Is the Perfect Time for Professional Carpet Cleaning! We Are Scheduling Oakdale, MN, Today!

 We at Northwest ServiceMaster continue to practice social distancing and we think now is the perfect time restore, refresh, and revitalize your home’s flooring with a team of professional carpet cleaners. Yes, you can certainly go to the local hardware store and rent a carpet cleaner, but we’re going to be honest with you, and you can trust us on this: Our truck-mounted power equipment that we use to clean carpets is impressive! Getting a job done right requires the right equipment in trained hands. Plus, not all carpet cleaning solutions are the same. Different carpet manufacturers’ have different guidelines for their products. Carpet stains also often require specific cleaning agents and techniques. If you are not versed in these various cleaning agents, you could ruin your carpets! Carpet cleaning is not rocket science, but it is indeed science and involves the expertise that only experience can provide.


If you don’t want your carpets left damp or wet and would rather not have the cleaning solution residue left behind along with a chemical soapy smell, we highly suggest forgoing the rented carpet cleaning machine that may or may not work properly. Instead, trust our truck-mounted power equipment in the hands of a ServiceMaster professional.


Residential carpet cleaning is one of the first services that the ServiceMaster franchise offered over 65 years ago, and since that time, we have developed our own proprietary blends of cleaning solutions along with perfecting the technique of carpet cleaning that allows your neighborhood ServiceMaster right here in Oakdale, MN, to create and maintain the industry standards for residential carpet cleaning.


These slower, quieter days are the perfect time to tackle your household projects. And now that you have had the time to evaluate your carpets, now is a good time to change your response from “Yikes!” to “Yes!”



We are scheduling residential carpet cleaning in Oakdale, MN, and the Greater Twin Cities area now. Please call us today at (651) 644-3531 and let us get your carpets clean!